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How Low Can They Go?

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    You think Bush’s rating, now at 30%, is low? Bush’s approval rating is phenomenal compared to the congress’ rating. Congress has done a wonderful job. They have shown what happens when the Democrats are in control: absolutely nothing. So what is their approval rating? 9%. I have a higher approval rating than that and I’m just an unknown blogger.

    So why is their rating so low? It’s simple, they aren’t doing a darn thing. They aren’t even doing what their party wants them to do. You have to anger a lot of people to get a 9% approval rating. With approximately 300 million people in America, that means only 27 million people approve of their job performance. That’ 27 million mindless fools I might add. Their rating should be 0%. Have you ever heard a Democrat answer the question, “what has congress done?” It’s a sight to be seen.

    I want to know what congress has done that gives them the right to serve another term. They haven’t properly funded the war. They have been happily watching gas prices rise because they say that oil and coal makes us sick (dingy harry). Unless you consider putting our men and women in the armed forces at danger and laughing while we go broke to fill the gas tank it’s easy to say that congress is worthless. This is the change you want? Better think twice before pulling the lever for Obama.

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Last Updated: July 8th, 2008