Top 5 Politicians to Revive the Conservative Movement

The conservative movement has stalled over the past couple years. Not because conservatism has failed but because those in the forefront of the movement have failed. President Bush was the most responsible for causing a great misunderstanding in American politics concerning what a conservative is. He taught that conservatives are for bigger government, private industry bailouts, wasteful spending and never ending wars. While it can be argued that Bush did what he thought was right I would argue that the excuse isn’t enough to make up for his statist policies.

There is some hope. There are a handful of bright conservatives ready to lead the movement in the right direction. Once liberalism is finished destroying the country we love people will return to conservatism for answers. When that time comes the following people need to be in the forefront. Let’s hope real conservatism leads the way in 2009 and beyond.

5. Mike Huckabee


While I personally like Mike Huckabee his time as the governor of Arkansas showed him to be a moderate Republican that is soft on illegal immigration. The reason I put Mike on this list is because of his ability to reach the masses, especially evangelicals. It’s hard not to like Mike, he’s somebody that you would gladly go on a golf trip with. While the job of a politician is not to make you laugh it is an important component to spreading any political ideology. Mike may be a little moderate on immigration and taxes but he is definitely a conservative. His strong social conservative stances give leverage to his flaws and I see him as a great spokesman for the conservative movement for at least another decade or two.

Chuck Norris  and Rick Flair endorsed Huckabee in last year’s election. What more needs to be said?

4. Mitt Romney


Romney isn’t the leading voice for conservatism but his charisma and ability to raise money makes him a formidable campaigner. Early in the 2008 elections I was not impressed with the things he had to say. I think a lot of other conservatives felt the same way. His moderate run as Governor of Massachusetts was enough to keep me from fully supporting his campaign. However, after much consideration–mainly that no Republican from Massachusetts could be a hardcore conservative and survive–I grew to like Romney and consider him a potential candidate in 2012 and beyond. Here’s to hoping he continues on the conservative path he ran on in 2008.

I can’t think of anyone that could have stopped Obama from ascending to the top and winning the election. If Romney had won the nomination rather than McCain the battle would have been much tighter. Romney’s desire to realign himself as a solid conservative would have resulted in party unification and a GOP ticket that would’ve given Obama a run for his money. I can almost guarantee that we’ll see Romney again in 2012 and I hope he solidifies himself as a leading conservative long before that time. With a little soul searching Mitt is looking to be one of the GOP’s brightest hopes for the future.

3. Ron Paul


That’s right, I listed a libertarian on a list of top conservatives. Why? It’s simple, Ron’s fiscally conservative policies can teach the GOP a lesson. At a time when the deficit is expanding by the minute, taxes are too high and the dollar is in a steady decline we need someone like Paul to show us the error of our ways. When I see conservatives bashing Paul it reminds me why the GOP has fallen so far in the first place. People like John McCain and Olympia Snow are OK but someone like Paul is shunned? Maybe people like Hannity, the neoconservatives that they are, can find more to disagree than agree with in regards to Paul but I am unable to. He may not get my vote but this man deserves to be listened to, especially now.

Every time I listen to a video or audio clip of Paul talking about our current economic situation I can’t do anything but nod my head in agreement. I would argue that no one in politics today is more fiscally conservative than Ron Paul. No to the bailout, no to outrageous government spending. Yes to tax cuts, yes to government spending cuts, yes to allowing the free market to work and yes to governing according to the constitution. Big time conservatives can complain about his stance on the war and other international affairs all they want; this guy knows what he is talking about. If the GOP were to adopt his fiscal platform not only would the movement recover we would have real answers for our economic woes.

2. Sarah Palin


Who else would make the #2 spot but the first woman nominated Vice President for the Republican Party? Sarah rocked the world, causing the left to go into a media frenzy, ripping her personal life apart looking for any juicy details that would destroy her reputation. Instead of falling to pieces Palin rallied support and gave McCain the momentum he needed. The momentum was obviously not enough and he fell short. I’m sure if the ticket were the other way around we’d be looking at our first female president. This is just more evidence that conservatives can win elections. Only someone like Sarah could have breathed life into the flailing campaign that was John McCain’s.

Before Sarah flew onto the scene McCain’s campaign was waiting to be put to rest. Conservatives were tired of him, moderates were beginning to see through his politics as usual and everyone else was celebrating his inability to pitch his plan to America. Sarah is a no holds barred, straight to the core conservative. She’s hated by all global warming nuts, tree hugging hippies, anti-food Peta members and anti-gun pansies of America; also known as the typical liberal. Even with just all these features Sarah would be capable of sweeping the 2012 election but she also has one more thing on her side; she’s darn good looking too.

1. Bobby Jindal


It was a tough call, the list covers four other great conservative politicians but Bobby Jindal stood out for a couple reasons. I decided to go with Bobby Jindal because he represents sound conservatism and is young enough to be the resounding voice of conservatism for decades to come. As an Indian minority Jindal also stands outside of the stereotypical Republican persona. Race, being the least important factor, is still notable and a positive reinforcement that the GOP isn’t just a bunch of old white men.

Bobby Jindal stands out not only for his unwavering Reagan conservative but he is the future of the party and the movement. Jindal is set to give the GOP’s response to Obama’s speech to congress regarded the porkulus bill on Tuesday. It’s something to take note of because Jindal recently made a remark about considering not taking the funds. While the majority of Republicans are speaking out against the bailout Jindal is taking it one step further. No matter what the outcome after he gives his rebuttal he will begin to be seen as the conservative solution for America.


There are several Republicans in the field, and one libertarian, that can turn this country around. The most important factor for any future presidential hopeful is to be a Reagan conservative. No more running around the world fixing pot holes, no more abandoning our principles for political gain and no more neoconservatism. Sure, I don’t think any conservative will rise up that fits my standards, I do see the following list as a great start. A simple formula needs to be utilized; smaller government, less government spending, lower taxes and more personal freedom. It’s a simple equation that will win over the hearts and minds of a suffering America.

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